helping people and businesses with passion to grow


helping people and businesses with passion to grow

What is Growth Management?

Growth Management focuses on taking off workload from you and your business. Basically, we are your main point of contact for all growth-related topics.

Some services we do in-house, some we outsource (but that’s the point, you don’t have to think about it). For growth there are 3 important processes that need to be improved:




This is the foundation of every business. If you want to get things done and move forward, there needs to be someone who makes sure things keep moving. Management also means communication.


Marketing is very important to actually reach your target group. There are many strategies out there. We take the time & effort from your shoulders and plan and execute tested marketing strategies for you.


If you want to grow a business, at a certain point you will need automation and system integrations. Software can help from marketing to sales to product fulfillment. Nowadays software accompanies us everywhere

for Artists

Are you an artist that creates physical art?
Then check out our growth package specifically for artists here:

for Manufacturers

Are you a business that manufactures physical unique products?
Then check out our growth package specifically for manufacturers here:

Growth HQ

Growth Team

sirio sperandio

Sirio Sperandio

Chief Cheerleader

jonas faller

Jonas Faller

Swiss Army Knife
(Growth Manager)

Matthias Heiss

Master of networking
(Match Maker)

maja gschnitzer

Maja Gschnitzer

Digital Sorceress
(Social Media)

naveen kundu

Naveen Kundu

Code Wizard
(Lead Developer)

Our Network

We value relationships over anything else.

That’s why we don’t use the word customers or suppliers. We are a network of people that are helping each other!

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