Growth Management for Manufacturers

growth management for manufacturer

For us, it is very interesting to work with manufacturers because they all have similar growth challenges. Our goal with Growth Management is to get your product to more people and give you more time for what matters for you, which is working on your products.

Why work with us?

The biggest advantage is that we specialize in growth management for companies that have physical products.

By doing that we have a deep understanding of this niche and a big network.

growth management for manufacturer


We at beSIRIOus have very broad know-how about marketing, but we focus specifically on manufacturers. This means that we know the niche very well and are always up to date.


Our goal is to connect people throughout the business world. From specialized freelancers to representatives and other parties that will help your business grow. If we help each other we can grow together.

growth management for manufacturer


If you want to grow as a manufacturer you will have to automate certain processes and work more efficiently. This is possible with ERP Systems and automation through software.

Growth Package

When we first start working with a new artist, we start with our 3 month growth package, that consists of the following steps.


First, we need to understand what makes your products special. What problem is your product solving and who is the target group? This information we can then use for all the following steps.


If you already have online profiles and sites, we rebrand them, so that they all have the same look and feel. This is important for recognition value.

Social Media

During our collaboration, we will manage your social media accounts. Our goal is to market you and your products.

Online Sales

As a manufacturer, you need to sell constantly! We specialized in Etsy (for handmade products) and WooCommerce for online shops. We will optimize those listings for the best results.


With the direct campaign, we will get you in touch with potential customers, resellers, merchants, and so on. Depending on what makes sense for your products.

Ready for growth?

Then write us a short message, about what your current situation is and what you would like to achieve!

We will get in touch with you and schedule a free consultation call.