WordPress website costs

A WordPress website can incur different costs depending on the requirements and scope. To give you an overview of the potential expenses, we have created a detailed cost calculator and an explanation of the different types of costs. Whether you want to create a simple website or build a complex e-commerce platform, you can find out all about the one-off and ongoing costs you may incur here.

Website cost calculator

Use our interactive cost calculator to calculate the one-off and ongoing costs for your WordPress website. Simply enter your requirements and the calculator will provide you with an exact cost estimate.

i External: Service from agency or freelancer. Internal: Self-made.
i Simple: Small, simple websites. Medium: Average complexity. Complex: Extensive, complex websites.
i Self-employed: Sole trader. Small: <10 employees. Medium: 10-100 employees. Large:>100 employees.
i Standard: Basic website. Store: E-commerce functions.
i Shared: Inexpensive, several websites on one server. Dedicated: Expensive, own server. Managed: Premium, managed service.
i Monthly: Regular updates and support. Quarterly: Updates and support every three months. Annual: Annual updates and support.


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Explanation of the cost types

One-off costs

  • Design and development
    The costs for the design and development of your website can vary greatly, depending on the desired functions and the complexity of the design. If you want a premium theme or customized design elements, the costs increase accordingly.
  • Other one-off investments: These can include costs for special tools, services or the setup of specific functions.

Ongoing costs

  • Domain & hosting
    The costs for the domain and hosting of your website vary depending on the provider and scope of services. Shared hosting is usually cheaper, while dedicated servers or managed hosting are more expensive.
  • Licenses
    Many plugins and themes require annual license fees. These regular expenses should be taken into account when planning the budget.
  • Support and maintenance
    Regular maintenance and support are crucial to ensure the security and performance of your website. These services can also result in ongoing costs.
  • Other ongoing costs
    These include costs for backups, security services and other services necessary to keep your website running optimally.

Plugin Lifetime Licenses

Important considerations

  • Budget planning
    Realistic budget planning is essential to keep the overall costs of your website under control. Take into account both one-off and ongoing costs.
  • Scalability
    Consider how costs might change as your website grows. A growing website may require additional resources and functions.
  • Long-term perspective
    Analyze the cost-benefit ratio over the entire lifetime of your website in order to make informed decisions.

Options for the creation of your website

  • Create your own website at low cost: Take advantage of our offers and create your website yourself at low cost. We offer you the best tools and plugins to design your website professionally.
  • Have a website created at an unbeatable price
    • Customized packages: We offer customized packages for the complete creation of your website.
    • Cost optimization: With beSIRIOus you can minimize the costs of your website and benefit from high-quality services at the same time.

Collaboration with professionals

  • Build up internal resources
    It can be useful to build up internal resources for the maintenance and further development of your website. This gives you more control and flexibility in the long term.
  • Hire a freelancer
    If you have specific projects or one-off tasks, freelancers can be a cost-effective solution.
  • Hire an agency
    Working with an agency gives you access to a wide range of services and expertise. This can be particularly advantageous for larger projects.
  • Advice and support from beSIRIOus
    We support you in analyzing and selecting the best offers and help you find the optimal solution for your needs. WordPress Support


Careful planning and budgeting is crucial to control the costs of your WordPress website. With the right tools and services, you can run your website efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us for further information and individual advice.


The costs for a WordPress website vary greatly depending on the scope and requirements. They include one-off costs such as design, development and plug-in licenses as well as ongoing costs such as hosting, licenses and maintenance.

One-off costs may include design and development costs, the purchase of premium plugins and themes as well as special tools and services.

Ongoing costs include hosting fees, annual license costs for plugins and themes, regular maintenance and support as well as security services.

You can minimize costs by starting with a low-cost hosting plan, using free plugins and purchasing only necessary premium features. In addition, the use of lifetime licenses for plug-ins can save costs in the long term.

Yes, with the right tools and a little technical know-how, you can create your WordPress website yourself and save money. Take advantage of our offers such as the Elementor Pro Lifetime License or the WP Rocket Lifetime License.