WordPress plugin Compress images

What is meant by optimizing images?

Optimizing images means reducing the file size of images without affecting the visible quality. This leads to faster loading times and improves the user experience.

Advantages of image optimization for your website

Optimized images improve loading speed, reduce storage space requirements and contribute to better SEO.

The best plugin: Imagify

  • Different compression levels Choose between Normal, Aggressive and Ultra, depending on the desired compression level and quality requirements.
  • Batch optimization for existing images Optimize all images on your website with just one click.
  • Backup options for original images Keep the original images so that you can access them if required.
  • Support for multiple image formats Imagify supports JPEG, PNG, GIF and WebP.

Step-by-step guide to using Imagify

  1. Installing and activating the plugin Download Imagify, install and activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Obtain and enter API key Create an Imagify account and enter the API key in the plugin settings.
  3. Configuring the compression settings Select the desired compression level (Normal, Aggressive, Ultra).
  4. Activate automatic optimization Make sure that automatic optimization is activated for newly uploaded images.
  5. Using bulk optimization Optimize all existing images on your website using the batch optimization function.

Best practices for image optimization with Imagify

  • Selecting the correct compression level Select the compression level that offers the best balance between image quality and file size.
  • Regular optimization of new images Make sure that all new images are automatically optimized.
  • Checking the image quality after compression Check the optimized images to ensure that the quality meets your requirements.

Further advantages of the Imagify Lifetime license

  • Long-term cost savings The one-off payment saves you money in the long term compared to recurring fees.
  • Constant updates and support Benefit from regular updates and comprehensive support for Imagify.
  • Improved website performance and user experience Optimized images contribute to faster loading times and a better user experience.
  • Why Imagify is the optimal solution Imagify offers an efficient and durable image optimization solution with numerous benefits that make your WordPress website faster and more user-friendly.


The Imagify Lifetime License is a one-time purchase that gives you lifetime access to all the features of the Imagify image optimization plugin for WordPress.

After installation and configuration, Imagify automatically optimizes all newly uploaded images and compresses existing images at the touch of a button.

Imagify offers three compression levels: Normal, Aggressive and Ultra. These make it possible to adjust the compromise between image quality and file size.

Yes, Imagify offers a backup option to save the original images so that you can access them at any time.

Imagify supports JPEG, PNG, GIF and WebP.

Download the plugin, install and activate it in your WordPress dashboard, then enter your Imagify API key to get started.