Customer Projects

Here you can learn how and in which activities we support some of our customers.


With the smartboxx® a mobile office has been created, which is an interesting product for hotels, companies, airports, train stations and trade fairs due to its versatile application possibilities.

What we do at smartboxx®:


LinkedIn, Facebook, flyer advertising and letter campaigns

Development of the software for the booking system:

Software that can remotely track occupancy, control lighting, heating and access.

App development for booking:

Through the app we have programmed it is possible to book the smartboxx for a certain time.

Introduction of an ERP system:

The system currently serves as a solution for CRM, costing and quoting.


Ruth Gantioler is also known as RLovely.

She designs completely individual handbags.

What we do at RLovely:

Etsy store built:

Set up store and marketing on Etsy.

Interfaces programming:

To allow Ruth to tag her products on Instagram and Facebook posts, we programmed an interface between Etsy and Facebook Shopping.

Social media marketing support: We support you with your social media presence.

Create website: We also created a new website for RLovely.


Harmonicademy was founded by Manuel Merler in 2021. Harmonicademy is an online learning platform through which the instrument Steirische Harmonika can be learned.

What we do at Harmonicademy:

Course environment created:

For the new Harmonicademy website we realized the online course technically.

Supervision of social media marketing:

Support for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook