Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a clearly defined audience – and ultimately drive profitable customer actions.

Content Marketing

In content marketing, we distinguish between the areas of SEO and actual content marketing:


Through SEO, your website will appear higher up in search engines like Google for certain terms. This leads to more views and sales on your website.

Content Marketing

We focus on content marketing. Because our credo is that long-term organic growth is more sustainable.

What is SEO?

You would like to have your products and website on the first page of search engines, because of course a big part of online sales depends on it. Rarely are products purchased on the second or third Google page. The task of search engine optimization (short: “SEO”) of a website is that it is found for certain keywords.

Therefore, search engine optimization of the website has become one of the most important components of online marketing.

How does SEO work for us?

I. SEO Analysis

The first step is always the analysis of your website. Loading speed, URL structure, usability, unused potential, etc.

II. Keyword Research

In the keyword research we find the potentials you can still exploit and give you suggestions on which keywords you should focus on to be successful.

III. Content & Page Plan

Now a plan is created in which form and when new content will be added to the site. The content is based on the results of the keyword research.

IV. Technical Improvement needed?

The technical condition is also decisive for success.

Meta titles, H1 headings, broken links, duplicate URLs, uncompressed images, etc.

V. Backlink Building

By a backlink, search engines like Google understand: “Another website gives trust to my website”. And this has positive effects in the ranking on Google.

VI. Monitoring

By monitoring the rankings of keywords and web pages, we can further optimize the content and give you more suggestions.

What is Content Marketing?

By content marketing, we mean our marketing strategy of using only relevant and informative content for marketing on social media channels.

The goal here is to increase reach and inform potential customers with specific information about your products or company.

How does Content Marketing work for us?


The first step is general research. What are people looking for, what content do people want to see, how should the content be presented?

Blog Article

In the second step, blog articles are written, for example, which are published on the website. The content corresponds only to that which is also searched for on Google. This has the effect that pages are displayed higher up on Google and thus the website views also increase.


Based on a blog article, it is then very easy to create a video about it. This video can be published, for example, on YouTube and on the website. YouTube is now one of the largest search engines, along with Google.

Social Media

Furthermore, so-called “posts” for social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., can be created from this content.


Newsletters are also an important tool with which you can always keep your customers up to date.